Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Procedures

Student hours at Aurora Highlands are 7:45 to 2:30, Monday through Friday.
Preschool hours are Monday through Thursday 7:45-2:30., No class on Fridays

Buses report to the school and unload at 7:35; parents may also drop students off at 7:35

No Parent Drop-Off in the front of the building or in the Bus Loop. All grades must use the East parking lot parent drop off location.

Dropping off and picking up your student, please be aware student’s safety when dropping off and picking up by obeying slow speeds and treating other drivers and pedestrians courteously. Refrain from using cell phones and texting during drop off and pick up. Please use only designated areas to cross streets.

PreK Arrival/Dismissal

  •  Parents of Pre-K students must sign their student in and sign their student out daily.
  • This will mean that Pre-K parents must park and walk their students to the Pre-K doors.

K-8 Arrival and Breakfast (Soft Start):

  •  Buses drop off on the west side of the building.
  • Parents use Kiss and Go Lane on the east side of the building to drop students off.
  • Elementary students who walk to school should enter through the doors off the bus loop or in the parent drop off location.
  • Students in grades K-4, 7-8, riding the bus will enter the building through doors in the bus loop. Students in grades 5-6 will enter the building via the Athletic Doors located outside the music room.
  • Students being dropped off, will enter via the doors on the East side of the building.
    K-4, 7-8 students walk in the building, grab their breakfast from designated carts and head to their grade level wing. Grades 5-6 students will report to the cafeteria until 7:45.
  • K-4, 7-8 students will have breakfast in the classroom from 7:35 to 7:45.
  • Teachers may use this time for check-ins, for extra morning meetings if necessary, for independent reading or some other calming activity.

Breakfast Procedures

  • Students will bring their breakfast into the classroom.
  • Custodial will provide a bag for breakfast trash.
  • All breakfast trash must go into this bag.
  • Unfinished milk must be dumped in the sink and faucet must be run with hot water before placing the container in the trash bag.
  • If students are having cereal, please use the strainer found in your room. Place in the sink, have students dump cereal to catch leftover pieces and run milk to sink. Run the faucet with hot water. Then place cereal and containers in the trash bag.
  • One student should take the trash to the common trash receptacles in their hallway at the end of breakfast. No breakfast trash should go into regular classroom trash.

Dismissal Procedures

When excused from school at the end of the instructional day, students are to leave the grounds and proceed directly home unless they are involved in an organized club, sport, or tutoring. Only students who are in a teacher sponsored club or sport may stay after school. Students are to be picked up promptly at dismissal. Supervision of students after school or off school grounds is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. If students are not picked up promptly after school, the school principal or his/her designee is authorized to surrender the physical custody of the student to the Aurora Police Department. No one is allowed on the playground after school due to after school programming. Walking students who need to meet younger siblings may do so, but they cannot leave their classrooms before 2:30.

Grades K-3

  •  All bus students in grades K-2 are picked up at 2:25 from classrooms and walked out to the buses.
  • For students attending After School Care, Innovation Learning personnel will pick up students from their classrooms.
  • For parent pick up, teachers will walk their classes to the Kiss and Go Lane. Parents are asked to meet their child’s teacher at their designated spot. Please connect with your child’s teacher before taking your child.

Grades 4-8

  • All bus students in grades 4-8 are dismissed at 2:30 and go directly to the west side of the building to get on their buses.
  •  All walking students are dismissed at 2:30 and must leave campus immediately.
  • For grades 4-8 parent pick up, please communicate with your child the designated spot that they should meet you. For K-3, please connect with their classroom teacher at pick up.

Inclement Weather Dismissal

  • Bus students dismissed as normal.
  • Parent Pick-up: all students to the gym, lined up by their class. Parents/Guardians will come in the rear gym door to check out their student(s).
  • Walkers/Bike Riders: If no lightning in the area, confirm with parents that the student is allowed to walk home.